Since you are here, you see 3 images on the left side, right? Guess what... Yes, this is a loose booklet that belongs to the CD with Russian Spiritual Music I produced in Japan on basis of an LP, which I managed to publish as a private enterprise despite all difficulties Communist Regime sadistically designed for all individual activities.
And why did I put it here? Because the Japanese translations you came here for were made specifically for that CD to introduce to the Japanese audience not so much the Orthodox religion per se as rather the music that Communists of the former USSR did not want so-called "soviet" citizens to listen to (Bolsheviks were fighting against Christianity no less fervently than our American atheists): I have included in the original LP mostly the prohibited music created by either prohibited or simply killed composers. And I have a reason to be proud of this my achievement because it was, as far as I know, the very first PRIVATE disk produced in the USSR.
All the compositions I have included in the disc are presenting a very specific trend in the Russian culture, namely: they are first and foremost MUSIC, it's not just a kind of "vocalization" of worship texts. The composers were often intentionally creating their works as those destined rather for concert performances than for church services. On the other hand, irrespective of authors intention, such compositions were always "saturated" with the highest Spirituality and Purity. It doesn't stop the Orthodox "purists", though, to blame this BEAUTIFUL music for distracting the listeners attention from God right by its beauty.
The texts I decided to translate into Japanese were taken by composers from either Bible or specific Orthodox small Euchologion and written mostly in Church Slavic rather than Russian language. Don't call me "psycho" if I tell you that I decided to preserve the same (?) "aroma" and to translate into OLD Japanese. Believe me, it was something! At least, this undertaking had forced me to read tons of old Japanese books to understand how to construct such things as "Thou turnest away thy face". Phew...what an elbow grease! But finally it gave the best polish...I hope.
Actually, I didn't intend to translate the same into English, and what I brought forward here is just an English "sketch in the rough", only to lead a potential reader who understands Japanese but didn't master Russian as yet. And of course, I have "stolen" some translations when I was lucky to find English versions. Don't blame me...please.
And the last. Now, 15 years later, there are many excellent records of Russian Spiritual music available even in Russia. But I never heard any better performance than that one achieved by "my" Chamber Choir "Musical Heritage", which has been tortured so much up to tears by both myself and conductor Irena Kireyeva in our strong intention to make those 16 people sing like string instruments. And they eventually did. Maybe, it does contradict a worship task, but it definitely contributes a lot to the unfading Beauty of the High Music.
All copies were sold out in Japan shortly after publishing, but I still enjoy my producer disc. And I reminisce how Yasha Heifets played "Ave Maria". Oh, by the way, Yasha Heifets was as bad Jew as I am: he also didn't call for removing Christmas trees.


Praise ye the name of the Lord 主の名を褒め讃えよ Praise ye the name of the Lord
Григорий Извеков (G。イゾブェーコフ) by Grigori Izvekov
Хвалите имя Господне


Praise ye the name of the Lord,
Хвалите, рабы, Господа. 僕よ、主を褒め讃えよ Praise Him, O ye servants of the Lord,
Аллилуйя! アリルヤ! Hallelujah!
Благословен Господь от Сиона


Blessed be the LORD out of Zion,
Живий во Иерусалиме. Аллилуйя! エルサレムにまします主は、アリルヤ! which dwelleth at Jerusalem. Hallelujah!
Исповедайтеся Господеви,

主を尊み褒め讃えよ  主は悲しみ深し

Confess to the Lord, for He is good,
яко благ, 主は悲しみ深くしてその憐れみ For His mercy
Яко в век милость Его. 世々にいたる is everlasting.
Аллилуйя! アリルヤ! Hallelujah!
Исповедайтеся Богу Небесному, 天の神を尊み褒め讃えよ Confess to the Heavenly God,
Яко в век 主は悲しみ深くしてその憐れみは  For His mercy
милость Его. 世々にいたる is everlasting.
Аллилуйя! Аллилуйя! アリルヤ アリルアヤ Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Вскую мя отринул еси 爾何ぞ我を見棄てたるのか Why hast Thou rejected me
Александр Архангельский (A.アルハーンゲルスキー) by Alexandr Arkhanglesky
Вскую мя отринул еси 爾何ぞ我を Why hast Thou rejected me,
Отринул еси 見棄てたるのか Why hast Thou turned Thy face
От лица твоего, 見棄てたるのか Away from me,
Свете незаходимый, 絶えない光よ。 O Light Unwaning,
И покрыла мя есть 我を敵暗闇が And strange darkness
Чуждая тьма, окаяннаго?

覆る    忌み者を

has covered me, the wretched one?
Но обрати мя, 爾の光と爾の真実とを遣わし But turn me
И к свету заповедей Твоих 其れをして and direct my footsteps
Пути моя направи. 我を導き、 to the Light of Thy Commandments.
Молюся, молюся, молюся. 祈祷し、祈祷し、祈祷するる。 I pray, I pray, I pray.
Тебе поем 我等爾を讃栄し To Thee we sing
Павел Чесноков (P.チェスノコーフ) by Pavel Chesnokov
Тебе поем, 主よ、我等爾を讃栄し To Thee we sing,
Тебе благословим, 我等爾に祝福す、 We glorify Thee,
Тебе благодарим, Господи. 我等爾に感謝を捧げるらん。 We thank Thee, The Lord.
И молим Ти ся, и молим Ти ся, 神よ 我等爾に祈祷し、爾に祈祷し And we pray to Thee, we pray to Thee,
Боже наш. 神よ。 Our God.
Свете тихий 穏やかなる光 О Gladsome light
Александр Кастальский A.カスタールスキー) by Alexandr Kastalsky
Свете тихий святыя славы

聖にして福たる 常生なる

Gladsome light of the holy glory
Безсмертнаго Отца небеснаго,


Of the immortal heavenly Father,
Святаго блаженнаго, 穏やかなる光、 Sacred blessed,
Иисусе Христе. イイスス、ハリストスや、 Jesus Christ.
Пришедше на запад солнца, 我等日の入に至り Having come on the sunset,
Видевше свет вечерний, 暮れの光を見て Having seen the evening light
Поем Отца, Сына, 父と子と We sing of the Father, the Son,
и Святаго Духа, 聖神を歌う、 and Sacred Spirit,
Бога. 神を。 The God.
Достоен еси 生命を賜うの主、 Thou art worthy
во вся времена пет быти 爾は何時も to be sung at all times
Гласы преподобными,


with reverent voices,
Сыне Божий, живот даяй: 歌はるべし、 O Son of God, the giver of life:
темже мир Тя славит, 故に世界は爾を崇め讃む、 wherefore all the world
Мир Тя славит. 世界は爾を崇め讃む。 doth glorify Thee!
Милосердия двери отверзи нам 我等の為に憐れみの門を開き Open unto us the doors of Thy mercy
Александр Архангельский A.アルハーンゲルスキー) by Alexandr Arkhanglesky
Милосердия двери отверзи нам, 賛美たる生神女よ、 Open unto us the doors of Thy mercy
Благословенная Богородице, 我等の為に憐れみの門を開き、 O Holy Mother of God!
Надеющиеся на Тя 爾を持む者に For hoping in Thee
Да не погибнем, 亡ぶることなく、 We shall not perish,
Но да избавимся Тобою 爾に依りて But through Thee shall be delivered
от бед: 禍を脱がるるを得しめ給へ。 from adversities:
Ты бо еси спасение 爾はハリストスの民の For Thou art the Salvation
Рода христианскаго. 救なければなり。 of the race of the Christians.
Вскую унывающи душе моя 我が霊よ、何ぞ悶え Why losing heart
Алексей Львов A.リブォーフ) by Alexei Lvov
Вскую унывающи душе моя, 我が霊よ、何ぞ悶え、 Why dost thou despond, o my soul,
Греху работаеши? 罪を重ね、 and thus dost play into the Sin?
и вскую немощна сущи,


And why in thy weakness
ко Врачу не притекаеши? 何ぞこれを治癒する訴えないのか? dost not resort thou to the Doctor?
Се время благоприятное, この時こそ真のいやされるべき時、 Now is the time favorable,
Се спасения ныне 真の救いの Now it is truly the Day
День истинный. 日ぞ。 Of Salvation.
Возстани, омый твое лице 立ち上がって、面を Lift up thy head and lave thy face
Покаяния слезами 告解の涙ですすいぎ、 By tears of repentance,
И елеем благотворения 善き愛の業の油をもって、 And by Holy Oil of Benevolence
Свещу просвети. 灯を捧げ給え。 Light up a candle.
Яко да обрящеши очищение 蓋其の霊は浄化され、又 For thou will find the purification
От Христа-Бога 慈しみと恵みをハリストス神から from the Christ the Lord,
И велию милость. 与え給う。 And a great Mercy.
Шестопсалмие 六聖歌(至高きには光栄) Hexapsalms
Александр Гречанинов A.グレチャニーノフ) by Alexandr Grechaninov
Слава в вышних Богу 至高きには光栄神に帰し、 Glory be to God on high,
и на земли мир, 地には平安降り、 and on earth, peace,
В человецех благоволение. 人に恵みはのぞめり。 goodwill towards men.
Слава в вышних Богу 至高きには光栄神に帰し、 Glory be to God on high,
и на земли мир, 地には平安降り、 and on earth, peace,
В человецех благоволение. 人に恵みはのぞめり。 goodwill towards men.
Господи, устне мои отверзеши, 主や我が唇を啓けよ、 O Lord, Thou wilt open my lips,
И уста моя вовзестят しかせば我が口は爾の讃美を and my mouth shall utter
хвалу Твою. あげんとす。 praise to Thee.
Господи, устне мои отверзеши, 主や我が唇を啓けよ、 O Lord, Thou wilt open my lips,
И уста моя вовзестят しかせば我が口は爾の讃美を and my mouth shall utter
хвалу Твою. あげんとす。 praise to Thee.
И уста моя возвестят, しかせば我が口は爾の讃美を and my mouth shall utter,
возвестят あげんとす、 annunciate
Хвалу, хвалу Твою. 爾の讃美を爾の讃美を Praise, praise to Thee.
В молитвах неусыпающую Богородицу 徹夜祷の生神女。。。
The Mother of God,
ever-vigilant in prayer
Сергей Рахманинов (S. ラフマニノフ) by Sergei Rakhmaninov
В молитвах неусыпающую


Death and the tomb
Богородицу, 生神女よ could not hold you,
и в предстательствах 無限の祷りの O Mother of God,
непреложное 取り継ぎを who is our ever-vigilant
упование, 待ち望み、 intercessor in prayer
гроб и умерщвление 其の棺又滅びが生神女を and our unfailing hope
не удержаста: 掌握しないように。 in pleading for us:
якоже бо Живота Матерь, 蓋生命の母を For He Who dwelt
к животу престави 永貞女の胎内に in the ever-Virgin womb
во утробу Вселивыйся 宿られた神は transferred the Mother of Life
приснодевственную. 生命に帰す。 to life.
Благослови, душе моя, Господа 我が霊よ主を崇めほめ Bless the Lord, o my soul
Павел Чесноков (P. チェスノコーフ) by Pavel Chesnokov
Благослови, душе моя, Господа, 我が霊よ 主を崇めほめ Bless the Lord, O my soul:
и вся внутренняя моя 我が内なるすべてのものよ And all that is within me,
имя святое Его. その聖なる御名を崇めほめ Bless His holy name.
Благослови, душе моя, Господа, 我が霊よ 主を崇めほめ Bless the Lord, O my soul,
И не забывай всех воздаяний Его. そのすべての恵みを忘るるなかれ And forget not all His benefits:
Очищающаго вся беззакония твоя. 主は爾の不義をすべて赦したまえり Who forgiveth all thine iniquities;.
Исцеляющаго вся недуги твоя, 主は爾の 病をすべて直したまえり Who healeth all thy diseases;
Избавляющаго от истления 主は爾の生命を腐りから Who redeemeth thy life
живот твой, 救い出したまえり。  from decay,
И венчающаго тя милостию 爾に慈しみと憐れみを Who crowneth thee with lovingkindness
и щедротами, 与えたまえり and tender mercies.
Исполняющаго во благих 爾の望みを善きものにて Who satisfieth thy desires
желание твое; 満たしたまえり with good things;
Обновлися яко орла юность твоя. 爾の苦しさはわしのごとく新しくなるべし So that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
Благослови, душе моя Господа, 我が霊よ 主を崇めほめ讃えよ Bless the Lord, O my soul:
и вся внутренняя моя 我が内なるすべてのものよ And all that is within me,
имя святое Его. その聖なる御名を崇めほめ讃えよ Bless His holy name.
Верую クレド(信教) Credo
Павел Чесноков (P. チェスノコーフ) by Pavel Chesnokov
Верую во единаго Бога Отца, 我信ず、一つの神父 I believe in God the Father
Вседержителя, 全能者、 Almighty,
Творца небу и земли, 天と地、 Maker of heaven and earth,
видимым же всем и невидимым, 見ゆると見えざる万物を造りし and of all things visible and invisible.
и во единаго Господа 主を、又信ず一つの主 And in one Lord
Иисуса Христа, イイスス・ハリストス Jesus Christ,
Сына Божия, Единороднаго, 神の独生の子、 the only begotten Son of God,
Иже от Отца рожденнаго born of the Father, 万世の先に父より、
прежде всех век: 生まれ、 before all time.
Света от Света, 光よりの光、 light of light
Бога истинна от Бога истинна, 真の神よりの真の神、 very God of very God
рожденна, несотворенна, 生まれ者のにて、造られしに非ず Begotten, not made,
едино-сущна Отцу, 父と一体にして of one substance with the Father;
Им же вся быша. 万物彼に造られ、 by whom all things were made
Нас ради человек 我等人々の為、 who for us men,
и нашего ради спасения 又我等の救いの為に and for our salvation,
сшедшаго с небес 天より降り、 came down from heaven,
и воплотившагося от Духа Свята 聖神及び and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit
и Марии Девы, 童貞女マリヤより and the Virgin Mary,
и вочеловечшася. 身を取り人となり、 and was made man;
Распятаго же за ны 我等の為にポンティピラトの時 and was crucified for us
при Понтийстем Пилате, 十字架に釘打たれ、 under Pontius Pilate,
и страдавша, и погребенна. 苦しみや受け葬られ、 and suffered, and was buried,
И воскресшаго в третий день, 第三日に聖書に適いて and the third day rose again,
по писаниям. 復活し、 according to the Scriptures,
И возшедшаго на небеса, 天に昇り and ascended into heaven,
и седяща одесную Отца. 父の右に座し、 and sits at the right hand of the Father,
И паки со грядущаго со славою 光栄を顕して生ける者と死せし者とを and comes again with glory
судити живым и мертвым, 審判する為に又来り、 to judge the living and the dead;
Его же Царствию не будет конца, 其国終わりなからんを、 whose kingdom will have no end.
и в Духа Святаго, 又信ず、聖神主、 And in the Holy Spirit,
Господа, животворящаго, 生命を施す者 the Lord, the giver of life,
Иже от Отца исходящаго, 父より出で、 who proceeds from the Father,
Иже со Отцем и Сыном who together with the Father and the Son, 父及び子と共に
спокланяема и сславима 拝まれ、 ほめられ、 is worshiped and glorified,
глаголавшаго пророки. 予言者を以つて甞て言いしを、 who spoke through the prophets.
Во едину святую, Соборную 又信ず、一つの聖なる公なる In One Holy Catholic
и Апостольскую Церковь. 使徒の教会を、 and Apostolic Church.
Исповедую едино Крещение 我認む、 一つの洗礼、 I  acknowledge one baptism
во оставление грехов. 以て罪の赦しを得るを、 for the forgiveness of sins. 
Чаю воскресения мертвых 我望む死者の復活、 I  look for the resurrection of the dead,
и жизни будущаго века. 並びに来世の生命を。 and the life of the world to come.
Аминь. アミン。 Amen.
Достойно есть 真に当たれり It is truly meet
А. Красностовски (A. カラスノストーフスキー) by A. Krasnostovsky
Достойно есть яко во истину 常に幸いにして全く傷なき It is truly meet
Блажити Тя, Богородицу, 生神女、 to bless thee, O Theotokos,
Присноблаженную 吾が神の母なる Ever blessed
и пренепорочную 爾を賛美するは And the most immaculate
и Матерь Бога нашего 真に当たれり。 And Mother of our God
честнейшую херувим ヘルヴィムより More honorable than the Cherubim,
и славнейшую 尊くセラフィムに And beyond compare
без сравнения Серафим, 並びなく栄え、

more glorious than the Seraphim;

без истления 貞操を壌らずして Who gavest birth
Бога Cлова рождшую, 神言を生みし、 to uncorruptible God the Word,
сущую Богородицу Тя величаем. 実の生神女たる The very Theotokos,
Тя величаем, величаем. 爾を崇め讃む。 Thee do we magnify, magnify.
October, 1993, Kanazawa, Japan
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