Life? Everything is Life, even Death is a part of it.
Most of you who decided to come here know that the life is difficult. I assume it was always so, always and everywhere. But in a different way.
Since I am not one of those relatively recent immigrants who came here to start right off the bat to vilify everything or to glorify blindly, I am choosing almost "scientific" approach: "I report, you decide."
Now tell me: do you know a person who is able and/or willing to report WITHOUT own personal coloring? Oh, please...Don't tell me that CNN, ABC, MSNBC, New York Times, Dan Rather, Keith Olbermann, Eleanor Clift, Chris Matthew, Alan Colmes, Jenny Backus, Ellis Henican, Rich Masters, and Bob Beckel are "fair and balanced" while Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, John Gibson, Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer are right-wing jerks. Give me a break! It is as close to the Truth as I am a young brother of the first Chinese Emperor. But since the detailed characterization of all these individuals belongs to a different page, which I am still working on, let me skip it for now. Everybody who is interested is welcome to return to that page later.
So, why am I telling you that? Exactly...My reflections cannot be unbiased. It's that simple. The difference, though, is that I am honestly trying to seriously compare "two lives" - over here and that over there.

The reason I am doing so stemmed from my personal need to understand myself. Maybe, it's a little too late and therefore senseless. But..."God moves in a mysterious way", the Holy Bible says. Who knew that I will be like Socrates: I also came to a conclusion that "all I know is I know nothing". Strange as it may seem, this sentence was enough for him to become immortal, while I have to take care of my grave. (I am not sure you share my sense of humor, though.). There is another one feature that makes me closer to Socrates: by drinking the hemlock poison, he became a beacon of free speech. In the light of that beacon, I see all decent, noble, honest, thoughtful people.

Terrible disaster caused by Katrina...

After a few days when all talks were about how to save people, the first viper heads started hissing with political spittle, rushing not to miss criticizing Bush's administration.

Georgia Governor managed even to throw a racist card on the table. Such a speed! Up to a qualm. A Civil Right Activist, Lawrence Gayot, doing the same in response to a Bill O'Reilly's question, gives black looters an advice how to explain that they took 5 wide-screen TV sets in order to avoid being arrested: 'these TV sets are to sell to get some food'. Are they going to sell those TV sets to other victims who are on streets with no electricity? Can anybody from honest people take it seriously? I mean, without loathing? Btw, I would rather commit a suicide than break a store window...But no, how NOT to use this tragic moment without insisting that white racists constituting Bush's government intentionally delayed with helping black Americans! Join and embrace our "cultural worker" Kanye West if a "rappifying" of politics doesn't embarrass you.

No, it doesn't matter that there are certain limitations imposed by the Law on using our Army in such a natural catastrophe; it doesn't matter that the rescuers - whoever they might be, the Army or civilians - have to rescue their appliances first to be able to do their job; it doesn't matter that serious calculations have to be made to determine who and how many troops to send to the suffering place without jeopardizing other National tasks; it doesn't matter that with all thoughtful and diligent pre-planning no one is capable to imagine what Mother-Nature can do, - what does matter is that it is a great moment to curse and accuse Republicans for anything and everything. Such a great chance, my dear press conference participants! Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Eleanor Clift, don't miss a chance, don't hesitate to thrust your teeth into your enemy's neck! Force your enemy to stop rescuing the suffering people and to respond on your attacks instead. You have a lot of time because you are not busy actually saving people. Or you want your enemies to take your punches with no riposte, like an unconscious boxer? Oh, I forgot, you ALWAYS know better what and how to do...And when...

Hey, reptiles, why didn't you hiss on the Democratic Louisiana Governor and New Orleans Mayor when you - hopefully -saw traffic clogs on the highway while other 8-lanes side was actually empty? Is it beyond kindergarten intellectual level to open 7 lanes on that side leaving ONE LANE for opposite movement? It would help to evacuate almost twice as much! Why the smart Democrats in Louisiana don't take a lesson how to manage natural catastrophes from the stupid Republicans in Florida? Because they are smart, or because they are Democrats? What about warnings about a hurricane of this range given almost one year in advance? What about photos of sinking trams in New Orleans in newspapers almost the same time when the unforgivable attack of mad beasts on WTC happened? What could force you to do your homework? Maybe, it's time to stop cursing a chair, which you happened to knock against?

Stand up in front of a mirror, and say to yourself: "I firmly know how and what to do". Can you?

Stop hissing! Better thing how to help people, not your Party, don't gamble in looted casinos.

One of recent speeches related to Katrina has reminded me very closely Alexandr Barkashov: some Lues Fart-a-Khan, a leader of an "Old Rotten-Phallus-color Hyena Party", surrounded by his adherents from different New Bestial Parties, delivered a splendid speech that would make Goebels, Lenin, Barkashov (and alike) envy. I am not sure I ever heard more racist speeches. By the way, do you realize why am I talking to you in Aesopian now? Because our Political Correctness and ACLU have annihilated the First Amendment for anybody besides themselves.

A relative of our deeply esteemed Senator Ted Kennedy, Robert Kennedy (the nephew, to be precise) managed to gather very important scientific data, and now he has all reasons to compete with Clarence Dutton: he issued a statement, which proves that Katrina is the result of the Global Warming. While agreeing with Robert Kennedy, I'm at the same time compelled to criticize him sharply for inconsistency: the Grand Canyon, the Bryce Canyon, the Noah's Flood, the Thawing of the North-European glaciers - all this also was a result of the Global Warming maliciously arranged by Republicans. Kennedy definitely had to include all this in his statement instead of indulging Republicans. Hopefully, our valiant moralist Ted Kennedy* together with "Democracy Now!" CUNY TV Channel won't let rogues Republicans escape their responsibility for formation of the Grand Canyon and for causing the Flood!

* Edward Kennedy...wait...isn't it the Ted who, when being inexperienced young, mother-milk-sucker, only 37 years old, had let his girl-friend Mary Joe Kopechne (a beautiful girl, by the way) die in a car accident he caused in 1969 and didn't call for help immediately to have enough time to escape from the accident place in Chappaquiddick? Or am I again mixing up everything? Oh my amnesia...

to be continued...

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