Reflections about Society... Remember? You're here at your own wish...
This very fact makes me happy, thank you.
But I am going to disappoint you for now:
When I've gotten an intention to create this site, I was too optimistic about the volume of my writing. I couldn't imagine that the number of my notes will grow so fast and become so bulky that they will crowd out all cockroaches. They did, thanks God. But now I have a dilemma: either to upload my poems now and keep writing my Reflections, or wait until I finish everything. Or to die. I've decided to go by portions. So, don't expect too much on this page today. Come later, please. I work hard, believe me.

Well, I assume this place is right for my fight with myself. Since I am surrounded with howling how bad the American Imperialism is, I, being overloaded by the Communist propaganda, have a splendid  chance to compare the Communist dream with the Imperialistic reality. As I see both, of course.

Carnegie Hall; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; The Whitney Museum of American Art; The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with an asset base of $24.2 billion that includes a Global Health Program and is dedicated to education, libraries and public access to information, improving people's lives by sharing advances in health and learning with the global community; Michigan Botanic Garden Foundation; Westchester Land Trust; Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States...what all of this and a lot more of not included is? Charities founded and established by accursed Imperialists.

Other accursed Imperialists were building palaces, museums, railroads, skyscrapers, and many other useless things, thus causing immeasurable damage to the World Proletariat.

At the same time, in the country of the victorious Socialism, that World Proletariat in close friendship with other inhabitants of Soviet GULag, was working with enthusiasm, being encouraged by burp-gunners, on the Construction of the Century: BAM, one-track Baikal Amur Mainline, were only some insignificant 150,000 people died because of coldness, hunger, and some minor problems caused by forced labor.

Oh, that dear to my heart forced labor! I'll probably never forget the happiest months in my life when we, first - middle high school students,. then - high school students, then - music college and conservatorium students, then - orchestra musicians and soloists, were sent to famous "kolkhozes" (collective farms) and "sovkhozes" (State farms) to harvest potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Oh, that unforgettable crawling in the kolkhoz slush and mire with deep-frozen callous musician hands almost ready to play Paganini... I am sorry, anybody knows what it means, Paganini?
In 1970s - 1980s, when I was visiting the USA during music trips with my State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the USSR under E. Svetlanov, I managed to buy jeans (this is not the page about Music, right?) for some $5-$6. I was then able to sell them for 120-140 rubles, standard price for jeans that time when the Soviet stores were literally empty (another one achievement of the victorious Socialism). For almost everything, the average standard was 1:20, meaning - you get 20 rubles for 1 spent dollar, if you're lucky to be one of very few who had that dollar legally (for "illegal" dollars, the people were shot by Communists). I was.

My highest salary at the top-pay Soviet Orchestra was 250 rubles per month. Only 13% flat tax and 2% forced Union tax. You count: roughly $12 per month. For cheap apartment, cheap phone, cheap half-rotten potatoes and evergreen tomatoes (if you're lucky to find something or constantly bribe a food-store saleswoman), cheap transportation...expensive cloths, expensive strings, expensive music notes, expensive instruments, expensive music instrument cases, etc., etc., etc. But...we had "free" medicine. Both my mother and father, my uncles and aunts, even my elder brother, all died being relatively young, with no clear diagnosis provided by the attentive free medicine. Only  grandfathers and grandmothers who lived mostly before Bolsheviks and did not enjoy free medicine, died in a well esteemed age...

I am trying to recall objects of note built by Communists in my former Moscow...Dozens of so-called Palaces of Culture - usually a daubed fleapit cinema with Victorian columns, always reminding Italian neo-realism movies. Pushkin Museum - this is really something; at least, I liked it and went there very often. The tiny problem, though, is that this museum was founded and built, despite what a later tablet on its wall said, by professor Ivan Tsvetayev with financial help by a Russian millionaire Yuri Nechaev-Maltsev in 1913, still 4 years before Bolsheviks coup d'etat 1917. What else? Either I am illiterate, or...

Oh, yes, I remember: they destroyed one of the best Cathedrals in Russia, Cathedral of Jesus Christ. (Like Taliban - Buddha's statue.) They never liked 10 Commandments, say, "Don't kill": why not? They replaced Christmas by New Year: religion is the opium for the nation, they said. Something sounds familiar, n'est pas? Well, I have to take a break, pars que je n'en suis qu'au premier pas...Joke, sorry.

Back to my America...Dennis Kozlowski, accused of looting the conglomerate of $600 million to finance their lavish lifestyles. Meaning, this jerk of Slavic origin (shame on me), Dennis, spent stolen money on whores...SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS? Oh, my God! Such a scumbag Imperialist can convert anybody into Communism adherents. At least, into anti-Imperialism activists...And he disgraced Republicans, to whom he contributed a lot more than to Democrats...Laus Deo, he's got his bitters...The tiny problem with Imperialism, though, is that this was a classical case when "they have set the goat* to keep the grass", meaning that he is a banal thief of quite humble origin, and it has nothing to do with Imperialism.

* The name Kozlowski stemmed from Russian or Polish "goat". 


Recently I had a funny "correspondence" with a super-duper Democrat on a Web site that pretends to "objectively" review Fox News Channel. No, of course, there is no one carat of objectivity over there. To my opinion, the participants of that Blog strictly reproduce Matthew 7:3-5 KJV: "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Oh, sure, if you say so, you'll get the same back immediately, but, as a specific "gift" from that side, you walk away with a 3-ton truck of curses, scolder, revilement. The softest epithet I've got was that I am "a troll in a nearsighted fishbowl". If not to mention that I am "a fraud, a fake". Forget about logic.

The truth is, though, that when you recall Kerry's wife's lexicon, you are immediately reminded about Cheney's "Go...yourself" and Bush's middle finger (of course, nobody will mention that the both events were provoked in response to swearing and cursing by media, but who cares; what will YOU do if somebody throws obscenities into your face? Swallow? At least, they have guts...). And this is the TRUTH: we have a lot of nasty things going around today.

Nastiness in politics has a long history; see Matthew above. How rapidly it spreads and what level of ugliness it reaches depends on the cultural and moral "constitution" of each particular person. For instance, what can I expect of people who make their living out of talking and showing only on the level of genitalia? I am definitely not going to vote for anything from the Channel 72. And when I see on a stage a wiggle-waggling, aping crocodile belching out obscenities toward the President, he can call himself even "a standing concrete wall", - I am not going to vote for him anyway. Not because of his "political incentives" but because of his manners.

Can people of XXIst Century, finally, learn a little more words to express themselves in a decent way? It this a problem of education? Education that badly teaches but doesn't bring up at all?

So, back to Corruption.

Does it exist in the USA? Of course. Don't tell me, though, that the corruption is produced by Republicans. If you say so, you are not serious reliable person to talk to. If you say that Democratic corruption is the Past while Republican corruption is the Present, you have to call 1-800-51-Riggs for mental health consultation.

Hey, Communism adherents, I hear your voice: corruption is the product of American Imperialism. At least, something like that was raised by Michael Moor as a "proof" of how bad America is. In my former country, in dark times of Ivan the Terrible, there were a lot of so-called "God's fools"; they could say anything, and the Terrible, who executed all Emperor Guards ("strelets"), didn't touch them. So be it.

I testify: any the heaviest cancer is just a Kindergarten in comparison with the Corruption in my former Communist country, the USSR. Bolsheviks contrived to develop the system of corruption from the very top to the very bottom of the entire country. Hopefully, you heard how many cars Brezhnev had, for instance; and I already mentioned briefly that without bribing my neighboring food-store saleswoman on a daily basis, I wouldn't have be able to bring milk and potato home.

Should we talk about corruption elsewhere: China, France, Israel, Palestine Territories, Germany, Cuba, Italy, North Korea, and so on, and so forth? We could, but I wouldn't.

Because to me, what is really important, is not the fact of its existence, but rather the fact how it is being fought. That's why I pay closest attention to such events as Kozlowski sentence - I am glad he's got what he's got. I don't care he made relatively substantial contribution to the Republican Party. It makes me angry that such a jerk disgraces my Party. I am glad reading about trial on Clark County Commissioners, on Enron...But my cheek-bones cramp when I read that the Washington Times writes about "ties" between Enron and Bush's administration without saying a word about $125,000 Enron "donated" to the Clinton's 1993 inaugurations and celebrations (it's already not a campaign, right?), the following Clinton's "coffee sessions" with Enron's Senior Vice President Terrance H. Thorn (March 5, 1996) and Wang Jun, whose company was smuggling machine guns into our country for further sale to gangsters.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to help me understanding what side I like more, Democrats or Republicans, please, please, be HONEST. Please, please, remember Matthew 7:3-5, I beseech. ALWAYS do this: put data into both sides of the two-column table. I'll start believe and trust that you worry about the country ONLY when I'll see no empty columns.

Then, and only then, we'll start to discuss - as true Ladies and Gentlemen, no H. Stern's lexicon - what to do to make the country better. It's not about the POWER, it's about the fairness you like so much to talk about. Oh, dreams, dreams, dreams...

Before I move forward to the next section of my “Reflectionems”, I have to ask you, my deeply esteemed visitor, - is a slurp a speech? I mean a slurp, not an inarticulate speech, which produces sounds very similar to champing... (I am waiting for your response…) Well, again, I am an old-fashion guy, what can I do! – to me, champing is not SPEECH. Period.

OK, now – facts:

A few days ago, Oregon Supreme Court decided that live sex shows with public masturbation and coitus (for those who forgot – it's a sexual intercourse) on stages are under “free-speech protection”. Just to make sure that I know – or at least have read – the applied law, I am citing it here:

Article 1, Section 8: "No law shall be passed restraining the free expression of opinion, or restricting the right to speak, write, or print freely."

So, let me sort out the things: right to speak? Masturbation – speak? Something not kosher. Write?? Even more, I mean, more not kosher. Print??? Ladies and gentlemen, where am I, in a mad house? Already?

Oh, I understand… We all forgot! Champing! Slurp! Masturbation and coitus produce sounds very similar to champing, and this is what makes public masturbation and sexual intercourse on stages a speech. THE FREE SPEECH! How come that I haven't guessed at once!

Stop, stop, stop… Champing is not speech, didn’t we agree on it?

Even if it expresses something….For instance, lack of good breeding or culture…

Oh, now I think I understand: our dear libertines defend with might and main an anti-culture, a lack of good breeding, a bad taste, a disgusting behavior. A question is: what for? I think I know… Do you? They call it "individual freedom". I do not recall they ever asked me, whether I want such an "individual freedom ". Maybe, it's their very individual "individual freedom" ad hoc, exceptionally for them?

Who are those "they"? It's judges-left activists and their first supporters if not sponsors - ACLU. I've got a feeling they even surpassed Nestor Makhno. In fact, they are fighting against "American Imperialism" since their founder Roger Baldwin was quite explicit that "Communism is the goal" of the ACLU, as he observed in a Harvard University publication. To me, it's pretty clear that ACLU is fighting against our Founders, against our country as it still is today:
the ACLU's idea that minorities (judges who are neglecting the people's will) should be able to silence majorities is radically at odds with the vision of the creators of the First Amendment. The First Amendment was added in large measure in response to the fears of the anti-federalists, who feared that without the First Amendment, the majority would be silenced by a well-organized minority, and this is exactly what ACLU is doing.

to be continued...

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