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Achtung! Achtung! I mean I have to warn you, my esteemed visitor:

This page turned out to be a little itchy: I don't understand the widely spread slang of Political Correctness since as far back as remote WWII years, my mom taught me that any slang doesn't adorn a decent person; I don't understand a concept of "name calling", and thus I don't comprehend why it might be treated as bad or good. Therefore, my Reflections are as straight as a timber beam...or as a bayonet. Just as Stierlitz in jokes about a its-days-popular Soviet spy action movie of the era of the played out Cold War, when I see a skier, I think and say "a skier". I am even not 100% sure that such encouraging means as Soviet GULag, German Buchenwald, or Chinese Cultural Revolution would be able to significantly improve my linguistic skills... But I keep believing in the First Amendment with its Right of Speech even for such illiterates like I am.

You probably realize that I have naturally inherited a culture pretty much different from what has been surrounding Americans of last generations. And therefore, I see many things differently.

Is it good or bad? First of all, it is difficult. Difficult because one has to get rid of  a "strainer" of the own mentality; otherwise, dealing with a different culture, everything will be judged in terms of "what is good-bad, right-wrong" measured by eyes of a stranger. Of course, we should not forget that within the same Civilization, there are common criteria that are uniting different nations rather than divide them. And still...in my Reflections, I always kept my fingers on my carotid artery, thus enabling myself to disable myself if I went to far in my judgments... I definitely don't want to be a judge-activist who thrusts own predilections down somebody's throat. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do..." Referring to some purely cultural events, though, I would translate the proverb as "When you are amongst the crows, caw like them", which, frankly, I am still unable of, despite my swollen carotid...

One more thing: my Reflections relate to my Writing (which you have a chance to learn about when you enter my "Hall of Arts") approximately in the same way as "Stickies" relate to a big Notebook. Remember? - "A thought has come to me like an unbidden guest..." How can you remember, though, if you didn't read my poems yet...

(Updated on 11/07/2005. See a new note at the bottom of the Politics page and following pages...)
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