Here is my Poetry Book, "The Etched"!
  Wouldn't it seem a little preposterously suicidal if before such a strict judge as you are, I didn't use words, which might benefit me? I am not sure if you agree with me, but I decided to show you here what a friend of mine wrote about my poetry.  

politics and lyrical approach
lyrical lines rhyming common man
with our brutal reality
immigrant's soul buried in
half-ghetto / half-freedom of
New York's outskirts
TV set becomes a stanza
stanza turns into a slogan
the soul first whispers, then cries
and vice versa
wise verses
Lady Fortuna screwed with all of us
some of us remember her ass
some of us captured her breasts
lucky ones may recognize
her bitchy mask-face
this book's author used his
photographic memory
and sense of humor
to make a retrospective collage
of time
our time
without the “F"-word
Constantine got it all
get yourself a piece of action -
read it
the world will tear its mask
for a little while
and smile
and when you'll find yourself
on the last page
of this chap
you'll see -
Constantine fulfilled his task
…so… shall… you…

by Aleksey Dayen

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