Welcome to my Poetry Page!
What I am offering here are three types of poems I created:
  • Poems I wrote in 2003-2004 either in English or in Russian and then translated some of them accordingly.
  • Haiku I created as sets of three languages: Japanese, English, and Russian. Most but not all of them are originally written in Japanese. Haiku included here are revised early 2005.
  • Texts of music compositions I published as a CD "Revival of Culture. Russian Spiritual Music". I ventured to translate texts mostly written in Church Slavonic language into old-style Japanese. Specially for this Web site, I found it expeditious and appropriate to give an English "counterpart" either in my own translation, or as texts taken from worship texts, or a mix of both.
In an attempt to bring some order to my poems and make their reading more convenient for you, I have divided them into four sections:
  1. A page where you can review an Index arranged by Poem Names; if you are interested in a particular poem, just click on that name. In the Section 3: Both Languages, the first poem in every pair implies the language this poem was originally written in.
  2. A page with both Index and all poems put all together so that you can just scroll down and read poem-by-poem. Each of them is supplied with an arrow sign, which by clicking on it will bring you to the top of the page.
  3. A page with only music texts mentioned above that I called "Rus2Nihongo" ("Russian-to-Japanese"). The English translation is given as a matter of courtesy, so, show leniency.
  4. And, finally, a page with 21 Haiku is arranged in a quasi-Japanese style just to entertain you.

Hopefully, this structure will also make it easier for me to update the site.

Don't ask what led me at the selecting of poems: I have no clue. Anyway, I tried to show possibly different states of mind and moods of mine.

As you most likely already realized, I wrote poems in different languages; therefore, you might have some problems recognizing Cyrillic and Japanese characters. In order to overcome obstacles, I have provided you with addresses of sites that can give you detailed instructions what and how to make the reading of foreign letters possible. Just click on related links "Cyrillic" and " Japanese", which you'll find in "Omnium-Gatherum Room".

This site was last updated 11/24/05