My Programs
When a person has a computer and no chance to get so much needed job, his/her computer becomes clogged pretty fast. When that person is a madman who downloads from the Internet all codes and programs in existence just for practicing, his or her computer is stuck very fast.
Whom you think am I talking about? You've guessed right - about myself.
So, what to do if there is no way anymore to find any program or file urgently? You start putting shortcuts on your desktop, but unless your screen ranges along two blocks around your building, and your Video RAM exceeds that of Bill Gates (are you one of those who still competes?), your calm days will last not too long. Then what? Of course, create a program! The advantage of my own solution over those I saw on the Internet is that instead of an indifferently sorted Windows popup Programs menu, which you never find the end of, I have a multi-form VB program with colorful shortcut images easily "memorizable",  rememberable, and more - distributed by categorized pages. It's even easier to navigate than this my Web site...If you are interested, let me know, and I'll teach you how to do it, OK?

Another type of programs I enjoy coding is that helping two tribes of people: composers and poets. Hopefully, you know where I find those to tribes? Right in from of my mirror. Oh, I forgot one tribe more: that of keen learners. It's also me.
When you work with images for Web pages, you often need to convert inches into pixels and vice versa. If you are still married, then expect that in the middle of that process, your wife approaches asking what is boiling temperature in Fahrenheit; as soon as you manage to find the answer, your daughter calls asking how far is from your apartment to the nearest Mars crater in hexadecimals; then your grandchild gaily heatedly informs you that the teacher asked the class to dig a trench from the School fence to the Sunset. In other words, your life as an immigrant is nothing but conversion from/to different systems. Guess what? You take advanced courses and finally code a conversion program that allows you to calculate the world oil supply in carats. In milliseconds. One dollar, one dollar... Interested? Let me know...
If you have friends that are as mad as you, your options aren't numerous: you surely will be asked to get involved in a project that embodies a new system of composition where the relation between pitches, timbres, length, rhythm, pauses, bars, measurement, articulation, dynamics, agogics, instruments, and so forth, is determined by certain algorithms that remind but still differ from serial music. And since the project jogs your memory about your youth when you taught all this stuff jeopardizing the entire family's life (see my Author Pages), you agree. Of course, I agreed. And the venture brought to this world a monster - Hydra polycephalous devouring own creator. Only my twitching legs is what you see now.
An out-of-wedlock derivative of that blood-thirsty musical program came to the light thanks to my extramarital relationship with so-called "Commixed Technique", which I am going to tell you about in a special section. Since the delivery happened to be premature, the program is still on artificial respiration, but I assure you the baby is going to be just fine shortly.
And at last, the third type that I devoted a lot of my irrepressible passion to with a surprising success, was a program that helped me finding rhymes for any selection of letters, put them in an automatically opened Word document table, sorted, non-duplicated, with a parallel column for possible translation if needed, and saved in a file named precisely upon the rhyme for easy further locating. Everything this is done, of course, automatically within few seconds. I really like it.
To lure you more, it would be probably better me to confine my confession within these lines for the moment... See you soon...
to be continued...

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