Do you really want to know what are my Interests?
I am a mad "philologist": languages were, are, and will be my passion, not a hobby. Proof? I was able to manage perfectly all problems in my toddler's age ma-ma-ba-ba-pa-pa, but I went already a lot further and started learning a foreign language: being only 2-years old, I was already ready to communicate with my mom, brother, and all neighbors... in Russian.
Then German came...together with Germans. No, Germans came earlier from an other side, the fatherland of Horst Wessel, but an old lady of Baltic-Prussia origin, who lived in a room in our "communal apartment" that before Bolsheviks was a property of my grandmother, started talking to me in German, thus trying to fill out long hours of my mom's and brother's absence.
In the hopeful post-WWII years, I've got a letter from an unknown Czech girl of the same age: it was the time when the Communist Government, which had just recently usurped several European countries, tried to encourage so-called international proletariat friendship through inter-scholar correspondence. The letter was written in a funny, broken Russian. But in Russian! A good leaven inherited by me from my mom and brother (remember? my dad was in the army many years before the war and then fighting against Germans, with some short breaks for hospitals) has ignited my fervency to avoid showing her any kind of the "Big Brother chauvinism", and I started learning Czech. It helped me later a lot. Not to marry my beloved Helena - I have congratulated her with her marriage 10 years later - but to dive in the Czech musicology literature, the only source of half-free air in our Soviet musical stuffiness.
If it's of interest to you, I promise I'll bring you a list of my works in different languages. Soon.

To finalize this issue for the moment, I cannot but mention that the very last case when somebody had affected my intention to study languages was my accidental "distance contact" with Howard Stern: his language reminded me that of pithecanthropi (what an unjustifiable analogy: it seems I have insulted them, shame on me!), and I understood how much I love language of William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ezra Pound. King James I became my personal home teacher pro bono. Am I a good student?

I have to reveal a secret: I like programming. Predominantly, programs that help me with some particular tasks. If you are interested, you may go to my special page where I am going to describe roughly what I already created and what I am going to work on.
to be continued...

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