Welcome to my "Favorites"
Of all parties, the most favorite party of mine is that of my grandsons. You know why? Because when they lie they think they are telling the truth. It's just their fantasy. Oh, why is this age passing so swiftly?
The most favorite melody is that played by my 2-years old grandchild. When he was a few months old and conducted all classic Italian songs on street markets (thanks to our communities) out of his stroller, I started bringing him to my Yamaha Clavinova and clapping on keys with his minuscule palms. Of course, such a torture couldn't last longer than a few seconds. Later, he demanded more freedom and switched from palms to fingers tapping at several keys simultaneously. I think Charles Ives had invented clusters exactly in this way. Then, still later, he - my small Sam, not the esteemed decedent, - begun approaching the piano alone, producing more clusters (now - rather in Cowell's style), but this time, he unequivocally imitated bears and birds, and made me hysterically laughing by his grimaces and his waggish-roguish eyes. And now, I enjoy watching and listening how he improvises in different octaves with more and more distinguishable tunes; every single day, I impatiently wait when he comes to me asking in his barely understandable half-foreign language to wash his hands and to open the piano. You know now what real joy and happiness are, right?
Another one thing I favor so much is to talk to my 9-years old grandson: sometimes he creates situations - most likely, under his school and classmates, TV and computer games influence, - that leads into a dead end, and I have to use all my resourcefulness to explain to him in both Russian and English that education must include, besides homework, also upbringing, elucidation of what a word 'conscience' means and why it is as important as honesty and decency. Amazingly (I don't get tired to be amazed), the American education system neglects such things. At least, the schools I happened to get acquainted with. Is it again a problem of Political Correctness? What if I wouldn't be available to my grandchildren by natural cause while his parents are working like bees? Who will explain? Street gangs?

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