Welcome to my "Music Hall"!
I am now at work on creating some sound files to introduce three areas of my musical activities to you.
First of all, I cannot but offer to you a chance to listen to a Chamber Choir of Russian Spiritual Music named "Musical Heritage", which I managed to feed out of my pocket* and educate as a part of a Center for Musical Culture "Polyphony" I established and led several years in the late pre-"Perestroika" ("Re-Building") and late pre-Yeltsin eras. I want to share with you an immense beauty of the music itself and that of the performance, which, frankly, is better than any performance of that kind I ever heard. Using methods and sources, my former Communist government did not welcome (to say softly), I issued the very first (as far as I know) PRIVATE LP (remember those long playing back plastic wrinkled disks?) in the USSR. A little later, already in Japan, I managed to publish the same recording as a CD. The only copy left now unsold is my own.

You may want to read more about that CD in the "Rus2Nihongo" Section of my Poetry Room (hopefully, you'll be able to find it - you see columns somewhere above? - as well as the way back: just click, click, click...)

* Most likely, you have no clue what it meant in the former USSR to "manage to do something at your own" if you didn't have your activity approved and supported by governmental authorities: no so-called "private business initiative" was welcome under the Communism system, which is still so much admired by our (American) "intellectuals".

Another one type of music you will have a fortuity to listen to soon, is that of my own composition.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have to warn you: this is not for people with shattered nerves and a weakened immune system:
"Yūgen"(幽玄- Subtleness and profoundness) and "Satori" (悟り- Understanding), two linked piano pieces, clearly show that I was hearkening to the teaching of That whose statue anthropophagi in turbans exploded with ecstasy.
"Japanese Sketches", a 6-movements String Quartet, exhibits my crazy attempt to fecundate the sound of classical European string instruments - 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello - by the dust of Japanese or Japanese-like tunes. Or vice versa, who knows....
My "Wind Quartet", unexpectedly published in the former USSR next to a Wind Ensemble by R. Shchedrin in the same volume, had original joky title (erased by a mellow editor) "Chromatic Khwantasy and Fu-u-u-gue", proves that I tried to find my path to the Light through darkness imposed by a combination of oboe, English horn, bassoon and bass-clarinet (the combination worth a close attention of psychiatric specialists) and aggravated with my inclination to polyphony.
"Mujō" (無常 - Mutability), a piece for Shakuhachi, Koto, Viola, Clavinova, and Roland_Corporation, clearly reveals not only American, but also Japanese law machinery's sluggishness: they failed to prevent interminable applause. Who on Earth dares combining Shakuhachi with Viola? Shameless me.

The third type of music you'll be facing here is that I performed solo or in a good company. Seriously, very good company.
How can I forget people in a sold-out 6-thousand sits Concert Hall of the Tokyo Ikebukuro Geijutsu-gekijō (東京池袋芸術劇場) who were crying during the 2nd Movement of the Sinfonia Concertante by Mozart we - Albert Markov, Violin, and I, Viola, played with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra under Masato Usuki (宇宿允人) - on May 11 and 12, 1994!
How can I forget the finest sense of rhythm and dynamic flexibility my piano accompanist Natalia Kuzmich had demonstrated in the Viola Sonata by Zlata Tkach who had dedicated her brilliant composition "to the Shostakovich Memory"!
How can I forget my friend, an outstanding Violinist Gregory Feygin in Violin-Viola Duos by Ignaz Pleyel we played shortly before we both left Moscow forever and went to the different corners of the round Globe!

And the very last, "a bonus": I'll try to introduce to you music created by my friends. I promise you'll not regret...

Well, since I am already tired of myself, let me take a break...
Please give me some time to finalize the above-mentioned Sisyphean toil...
to be continued...

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