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American Presidents killed on duty

Out of 43 Presidents of the USA, 4 were killed.

Out of 4 killed Presidents, all killed by Democrats, Leftists, or other anti-Republicans:

Lincoln, Republican, killed by John Wilkes Booth, Confederates sympathizer; Confederates were called "Southerner Democrats";

Garfield, Republican, killed by Charles Julius Guiteau; he was angry that he didn't get a government job;

McKinley, Republican, killed by Leon F. Czolgosz, an anarchist;

Kennedy, Democrat, killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, first – Communist, then self-announced "pure Marxist".

5 other Presidents survived or escaped assassination; among them 3 were Republicans, 2 – Democrats. Out of 3 Presidents-Republicans, 2 were shot (T. Roosevelt, and R. Reagan), the 3rd one (G. Ford) passed through 2 assassination attempts.

2 Presidents-Democrats (F. D. Roosevelt, H. S. Truman) escaped assassination unhurt.

(A propos, a question: there are many talks about "collective repentance" - Germans about the Nazism past; Soviets about the Communism past; still alive Communists about their Communist Party. Since in all cases they talk about the past, then, logically, today's Brits, Dutch, and French should show repentance for bringing slaves to the USA; Spanish people should do the same for foisting their own Spanish language on South America's Indians; today's Russians should show repentance for conquering immense Siberia; today's Mongolian - for conquering and "mongolizing" Russia and half of Europe; today's African Americans should praise Republicans for 4 years of the Civil war with 600,000 people killed in the battles for their freedom and the Abolition Day. And, of course, Democrats should show repentance for being slavery adherents and killing American Presidents by either their Party members or their radical sympathizers.)

May 12, 2005

"Newsweek" placed a "reportage" about "desecrating" Koran in Guantanamo Bay. In Afghanistan, there were three huge anti-American demonstrations. Question 1: Did I miss a reportage on the same page about beheading of Americans and Brits by individuals like those who are now in Guitmo? Question 2: who are working in our media - provocateurs, idiots, or simply rabid Moslem terrorists?

May 13, 2005

Border Patrol agents say that their supervisors, following an order from the above, gave them an order "to keep arrests down" just to create a false impression that the Minutemen service is fruitless.

The Atlanta, GA, Attorney General Paul Johnson and his Deputy (?), both African Americans, are intentionally hiding rape cases, and releasing killers.

(A propos, a question: why representatives of this race, who reached the top in the social structure, are still acting irresponsibly, illegally, and immorally? Racial "brotherhood"? Doesn't it mean they are real racists?)

Cops Probe Suburban California Massacre

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

GARNER VALLEY, Calif. — Investigators have not determined a motive in the slaying of six people — including three children— found dead in a sprawling ranch home here but also have not ruled out a murder-suicide.

An investigator for the Riverside County (search) district attorney's office was found dead next to a telephone and a gun Tuesday while five other people in his home were found shot to death in their beds.
David McGowan (search), who turned 44 on Sunday, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head close to the entrance to the sprawling ranch home, Sheriff Bob Doyle said at a news conference. A handgun and a phone, which may have been used to call 911, were found near his body.
Doyle scheduled a press conference for 9 a.m. Wednesday (noon EDT). The tape of the 911 call was also to be released.
Also killed were McGowan's 14-year-old son, Chase; daughters Paige, 10, and Rayne, 8; his 42-year-old wife, Karen, and her mother, authorities said.
All of the victims were shot in the head and all but McGowan were shot in their beds, Doyle said.
"The beds were undisturbed. The house itself was undisturbed. It did not appear that the house had been ransacked," Doyle said, adding there were no signs of a break-in.
The shootings were still being investigated as a homicide, but he said detectives had not ruled out a murder-suicide.
"I want to stress at this time that this community is in no danger. We are not at this time looking for a suspect," he said.
McGowan was a five-year veteran of the Riverside County district attorney's office in Indio and previously worked as a detective with the Cathedral City Police Department. He was also on the board of directors for the Riverside County Sheriff's Association (search).
The sheriff said someone called 911 from the house at 4:33 a.m. A 911 dispatcher didn't hear any voices on the line, but was able to identify the sounds of the telephone hitting the wall and a gunshot, Doyle said.
Investigators found a handgun near McGowan's body and found two more handguns in the kitchen, the sheriff said.
Pat Whittle, an accounts manager for the Garner Valley Homeowner's Association (search) who has known McGowan for 10 years, said she was shocked to hear the news.
"He was wonderful," she said of McGowan. "It's hard to believe that things like this happen to people you know."
The remote, mountainous area about 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles is well-known for its horse ranches, nestled among rolling meadows and tall pines.
Public records show McGowan and his wife, Karen, bought the 4.5-acre property and 3,331-square-foot ranch house for $425,000 in 2000.
Neighbors said they were shocked by the scene unfolding nearby.
"It's just really quiet here," said David Merriman, whose parents live about a mile from the McGowans. "A lot could happen right next door and you wouldn't even know it."


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