a a a
These haiku wouldn't appear without my dear wife, were ignited by her,
and are devoted to herů
Azuma kimi,
  Impressed by Japanů
ai-hireki shi-wa
  How not to put my feeling
koku-de nai to...
  In classic verses?
   January 28, 2005, NY                                                                                                          
*When I had been reading Rainer Maria Rilke's poems he wrote in Russian, I neither laughed nor cried: I did realize that Rilke did not pretend to be a Russian. (He just kept being a great Poet.) Wouldn't you mind to treat my Japanese haiku in the same way - don't laugh, don't cry? (You may hold me in esteem, though)
**If you read this Note, it means that you forgot to click on the shakuhachi (kind of bamboo flute you see above) or the "HAIKU" title itself in order to read my Haiku.

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