Welcome to my "Commixed Technique" Page!
First, what the "commixed technique" is?
As far as I know, there is no such term registered and officially accepted. You know why? Because it was me who proposed this words chain. What for? Listen...
In November 2004, I received a letter from a friend of mine with a questionnaire on a theme I was unable to determine at first sight. Frankly, at the second sight, too.
Just to be fair, I'm giving you a chance to judge by yourself:

ˇ        mounting of Word and Music (on a paper: score)

ˇ        a melody by different fonts

ˇ        a melody by punctuation

ˇ        a role of notes for those who cannot read them

ˇ        replacement of notes by letters, their distribution over a strings palette

ˇ        a Text as a "score". How to perform; is it necessary to perform?

ˇ        a role of a sound as such, per se

ˇ        what is necessary to make sound (at least - for an internal ear) of, and what is not necessary?

ˇ        how musical elements change vectors of reading

When I finished reading that questionnaire the first time, I scratched my head and decided I have to go to an Elementary school again. Happily, my wife suggested another solution: to read once more. The result was my article, which barely correlated with my friend's intention. Since we are in a free country, I gave him a chance to express all his emotions in words nobody can find in any general dictionary. (Hey, Howard, you are not alo-o-o-ne...)

Step-by-step, feeling I have made a kind of gaffe toward my friend, I started reading over and over again, and thinking through...It was a beginning of my deep-water submerging: neither my wife nor my grandchildren saw me for several days until I finally emerged with a new article in my teeth.
Apropos, I have to say that I suddenly recalled that, during my music trip in 1974, I heard in Cologne (Köln, in German) something absolutely unknown to me. The impression was staggering. A human voice that sounds like something eternal or...electronic....or as a sparkle....or as a viperous hiss...You hardly recognize that this composition is based on a...how to call it? a poem? a sentence? DA DU DER BIST...Approximately, it can be translated as "It's you that over there". This is how I learned about so-called SOUND POETRY. The composition that struck me so much was created by Franz Mon. Since then, he became one of my favorites.
So, when I turned to the Questionnaire again, I finally understood that this is a broad field for my creativity if I just strangle my own skepticism.
And a new era has begun for me. I became possessed by ideas, rustling, crackling, crunching, twinkling, singing, hooting, sparkling, twinkling, glittering ideas, and a polydactyl lusus naturae, or simply a tentaculated freak, started heaving in my chest from inside just like in numerous cheap but incredibly expensive Hollywood movies...

In fact, it is an attempt to find a way to convert words into music elements per se but in a close symbiosis with color and possibly other components. That's why I started calling it "Commixed Technique".
Alas, all my efforts to achieve at least a positive and acceptable result failed. I felt like I am working completely in vain.

Well, "if a mountain doesn't go to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain", an old Russian proverb says. And I  decided to try reaching some results in concordance with the 21st Century: by using Computer.

I am working now on a program that hopefully could put together many elements of a commixed composition based on two things: first, a clear understanding of what such elements are or should be; and, second, on which principle those elements should merge. A process of programming is a good means to start understanding something... I am working hard...


Volens nolens (sorry, willy-nilly), my original article has undergone a plastic surgery; its body became filled out with all silicon available in Silicon Valley, and now it is something what I have no reason not to be proud of. This time, the article is reflecting a process of becoming mature in certain respect. Therefore, I am putting it in my Writing Section (Articles). Anyway, it's about my vision of aesthetics and experimenting in arts.*  It was recently published in Kiev, Ukraine, and met pretty good reception, I heard. I am licking my lips in a foretasting of an author copy to be delivered soon.

* As you might assume, both the Questionnaire and my Article were in Russian. Thus, in order to give you a chance to read my work, I have to translate it first. Please wait...

to be continued...

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