Let's get acquainted!
If you are not yet sick of bio pages as similar as two peas in a pod, this one might be the last straw breaking the camel's back...
My name is Constantine Ivanov, that's why you most likely experienced a slight difficulty memorizing my URL address; as you already understood, based on my ineradicable playfulness, I am from New York. No, in fact, originally I am from Moscow... Anyway, these two cities, the most arduous ones for living, are naturally furthering jocosity as the only means to survive under heavy circumstances.
You probably want more... Well, in December 2003, as a Birthday gift to myself, I wrote a frolic sketch called "Self-portrait". This is it:

An author, poet, and musician,

As DBA1 got recognition,

I worked a lot as essayist,

(My wife nags – like a masochist.)

Collection agent, columnist,

Composer, fervent journalist;

Producer, and entrepreneur

(The last was short, like just a blur.)

An agent in a Real Estate,

As programmer had also weight.

What's missing? One would not believe, –

Another tale on Christmas Eve!

But trust me – all of said above

Is proved by her, my ladylove.

1 DBA – DataBase Administrator

How did I end up with such a variety? There is a secret: from my very childhood, I felt an inexplicable love for sitting between many stools simultaneously... A note for environmentalists: most likely, such a psychological habit was generated by a physiological sensation my bottom has gotten from sitting on a long bench at the table instead of individual chairs when I was a toddler.
Of course, habitually, my fingers are now itching to place here my Resume. But I am strong enough not to succumb to such a temptation... Simply because it tires me to death to selectively "compress" what I have done in my life into one-page résumé. I just don't fit into one page anymore. Oh my, in general, the one-page résumé format is for such people as Archimedes, Newton, Bach, Plank, and Teller with Sakharov. Something like this:
Archimedes (ΑΡΧΙΜΗΔΗΣ)
Address: Syracuse, Sicily. Phone: not yet. E-mail: wait 2,200 years.
Objective: Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth.
Achievements: far beyond Elementary School students imagination.
References: all the Encyclopedias of the World.
This is it. Actually, they don't even need any. History works for them.
Nobody reckons me among such people, though. Therefore, I need much more space to convince you of my worthiness. That's why I am going to reveal my entire (well, almost entire) story step-by-step on a special page called "I was always nearby". Over there, you can find intriguing details about one of my best achievements - "The Center for Musical Culture", which I was eager to  mention briefly on the very first page (but I didn't), as well as heaps of other stories. You don't want to miss it. Humph... maybe, you want, I won't give my head for it.

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