What motivated me?
Is it wise to embark on an unchartered waters without being able to swim? Friends say definitely "No". But...
Before my eyes,
it flickers fleetingly a map
that has been said to show a part
of the Antarctic continent,
the first one in the Humans Life.
Hadji Muhammad (named later Admiral Piri Reis) drew that map 250 years before Captain James Cook crossed the Antarctic Circle. Hats off before pioneers!
Armed with such a "humble" parallel, I cheerfully strike the bell and flop into the water. Actually, it's an Ocean... the Ocean of Creativity.
Since I am companionable by my Nature, I am inviting you to join me. If you are not afraid...to swim.
OK, to be serious (which I in general am: look at my photo attached), I started this Web project not only to satisfy my own Ego by presenting my intellectual and creative activities I think I am still capable of, but also to give you various information and to "ignite" a discussion about issues important to all of us. I am perfectly aware that similar debates are being conducted all over the world, and I am not pretending to be a "founder" of such. But how it would be vexing if to not "exploit" skills and potentials that are anyway like a dough creeping out of a pot! I am kidding again. It seems I am incorrigible...

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