Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
Thank you for being inquisitive enough to come here.
I'll do all my best to make your visit full of variety and to prevent it from becoming boring.
Keep courageously pushing nails, tablets, signs, and everything else what you'll find appropriate.
Remember just one thing: Web design was and still is not my primary skill, and therefore this site is not a "fast food" - if you are in a hurry now, please come back when you'll have more time to spend - if not to read then at least to click on everything clickable.
For better and less frustrating results, please use Internet Explorer 5+. For instance, - not to mention more serious issues, - I was unable to figure out what else can I do to make Netscape agree with my colored scrollbars or type something in the progress bar or respond adequately to an image mapping, which IE has accepted without any bribe. Anyway, I had neither time nor power to knuckle under and conform to restrictions imposed by Netscape on Web designers only because they dislike Bill Gates. Which in no way implies that I am in opposition to the Netscape I liked very much years ago...
And three technical things more: use Back button on your browser if you find no other way to go to a previous page; if you are using Netscape, you have to take accurate aim at nails and tablets in the Hall of Arts Hallway until something unexpected happens (with IE, it will presumably be easier); also, try to adjust the browser's user area size by dragging at the window's bottom right corner to the best of your aesthetical sense (I usually follow a rule of thumb: say, a window belongs to a wall, not to a floor). Such your move will serve as an absolution, an indulgence towards my technical impatience.
In order to come here, you were forced to type a long URL address that implies the contents of the site...
And thus I have no doubt
you'll promptly figure out
what all this site’s about.
You are here for Poetry, right? You'll have it...in a moment. There is a catch, though...along with English poems, I contrived to write verses in languages that require special fonts: Russian and Japanese. Therefore, unless you install those fonts, you'll "enjoy" a sizable chunk of either question marks or even something worse. Frankly, I was definitely hoping that some of you might be interested in taking a look at my mad escapades. Of course, it's up to you....We are still in a free country, aren't we?
Besides Verses, I'd like to offer you Music (sic: nothing in common with Pop, Rap, etc.); with my Reflections (you still feel tips of your fingers typing my URL, don't you?) on different issues, I'm keen to involve you in philosophical and aesthetical disputes. Also, simply by my nature, I could not help providing you with some historical and cultural information you'll hardly find somewhere else. And even more... A rubrics "menu" is rendered in the Foyer and the "Hall of Arts" Hallway.
Some of my pages are not ready as yet, but I've decided to upload whatever is already done, otherwise my site has a chance to see no light ever. If you enjoy what is available today, you'll hopefully come back for the pages missing now... So, please don't be disheartened if a click leads you to a pesky sign "Under Construction".
I'll try to put something new on my pages on a regular basis;
that's why I am encouraging you to return here sooner rather than later.

I want to express special thanks to my beloved wife Julia Berek who is always as carping and fault-finding to me as Democrats to President Bush with the only difference that her criticism is always very constructive and helpful because her goal is not to smear and sully but to help. She doesn't thirst for power, though.

Also, certainly, my deepest appreciation goes to our friend Olga Mezhibovskaya, an exceptional master of art work who helped me enormously with both graphics and some very important design ideas: she has shown a real class and generosity by spending long hours for helping her political opponent, me.
And at last, my warmest gratitude to Betty Marco, a lady who is a living embodiment of nobility and Christianity; her patience and tolerance in our endless ardent political debates have contributed very much to my "step-mother tongue" and proved that political dissensions are not necessarily aligned with any hatred. Of course, if disputers are cultured and well-bred people...

Oh, as usual, I forgot one thing.

If those who want – and pledge – to acquire my Poems and Reflections as a book for $20 send me a note by e-mail, I promise to publish such a book with reviewed and edited Poems and Reflections, including also new ones, as well as some other materials, and send it to you.

The only restricting condition is that the total value of requests should cover my expenses: no less than 200 applications.

Just keep in your mind that my severe emphysema doesn’t offer me many years ahead.

An instruction for those “flippant”: In the Foyer with a blackboard (actually, a green one) before the Hall of Arts, click the sign “Omnium-Gatherum” in a circle on the left side, then find and click a tablet “Feedback.” Then you know what to do. You are not a toddler – I shouldn't coach you: let me know how I then find you...

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